We are designing and building a human-powered aircraft to compete for the Kremer Sporting Aircraft prize administered by the Royal Aeronautical Society.  Our design consists of a 78 ft (24 m) span tailed aircraft which will weigh about 62 lbs (28 kg).  The aircraft will be built primarily out of carbon fiber to achieve such a large size at such a low weight.   A propeller measuring  approximately 2 meters (6.6 ft) in diameter will push the aircraft through the air at airspeeds of 22-28mph (35-45 kph).  The aircraft will be powered and flown by a 170 lb (77 kg) pilot who will be required to supply 0.40-.46 horsepower (300-350 watts) while in cruising flight.  The pilot will be pedaling from a recumbent position to minimize fuselage frontal area and therefore reduce the aerodynamics drag.

As this is a work in progress, parts of the design are likely to change before the final aircraft is built.

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